Dear ClipGrab users, thank you for your loving support!

Your donations will not only secure the future of ClipGrab but also enable the development of several great new features.

✓ Milestone 1: EUR 1,500
Having reached milestone 1 makes sure that ClipGrab will continue to get updates and bugfixes whenever YouTube or Vimeo change their sites so downloading from those sites will always continue to work.
It also ensures maintenance and availability of the ClipGrab website.
✓ Milestone 2: EUR 3,000
Milestone 2 has been reached! Thus, some amazing new features will be added to ClipGrab this year:
• Support for RTMP streaming websites (Hulu and many TV stations, e.g. BBC, ARD, ZDF, Arte, SF and ORF)
• Download of playlists from YouTube
• Improved search functionality

Donate via wire transfer
You don't like PayPal? Of course you can also donate via plain old wire transfer. Using IBAN/BIC, you can send your donation to:
Philipp Schmieder Medien
95517 Seybothenreuth, Germany
IBAN: DE26 5003 10001 0026 31004

Thanks to everybody who supports ClipGrab with a donation!
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